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The following list demonstrates Some of the common problems associated with the smartphones and tablets:

  • Touch screen is not working
  • Black screen (no picture)
  • Device is constantly shutting off
  • Device is displaying wrong battery percentage
  • Device is not charging
  • Device is overheating
  • Back-housing is damaged or badly dwarfed
  • Volum up/down button has stopped working
  • Unable to hear the other end on your device
  • Device is not ringing when someone calls
  • Mute button has stopped working
  • There is a software issue
  • There is water damage

Diagnosing Devices

First step is to do a visual inspection then if it is necessary we use diagnosing tools to pinpoint the problem on every unit we receive for repair. The unit might have damages like broken sereen, faulty battery or might have a significant damages such as broken LCD, camera etc.

Checking the LCD

Broken screen - red

Changes the part

Phone parts


After we figure out why the device malfunctions, we then begin to replace the damaged part with a new and only original (OEM) part to provide a high quality repairAny problem with iPhones and smartphones are accepted for repair.


Although it depends on the make and model of your device, most repair jobs take around 30 to 60 minutes to diagnose, repair and assemble. For those units taking longer than usual (an hour) to repair, we offer a loaner phone without charge to use for our customers until the job is finished.

Putting all together

Befor & After


Phone parts

We stand behind our service!

At ComCell we offer a 30 day warranty for all repairs done by our professionals covering labour and parts. Physical and water damaged units are not covered by this guarantee.